TVC68 S3 E19 – Mirror in the Bathroom

Johnny and Holly get down to the root of things. Which may or may not involve the discussion of some kind of television show or movie or something of like nature. There is an unwelcome guest and something that almost counts as a guest. Johnny belabors whatever point he’s trying to make. Holly is low on patience. These two things are related.

This week’s Lifestyle Choices song is Lights Go Out

Check out our close friend Juicy Melon Jim’s new album “Is Confused” on Bandcamp (and other places). Stay tuned for the end for a preview of the song Head Down in the Summer

TVC67 S3 E18 – Blast from the Past

In this episode, Johnny has new body parts and learns interesting information about said body parts and also talks on the phone at least twice, maybe three times. Also there is either a blast or someone from the “past”.

Holly is in a bad mood.

This episode is sponsored by Humangelous Universal Global Systems new consumer entertainment system – Entertainment Legs.

Listen to TV Copilot house band Lifestyle Choices’ new song When We Sleep

Listen to the Juicy Melon Jim preview track Where Does This Go (and maybe buy one)


TVC66 S3 E17 – Temporal Swirlies

Hello listeners audience,

Holly tries to keep the show running as Johnny isn’t altogether himself. This is totally a TV podcast, though, and this episode covers “Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace”. Johnny, Holly, and other special guests discuss the show under discussion with alacrity and bewilderment.

Nana and other people that usually appear on the show are stuck in… Bolivia. Sorry. We think they’re coming back soon.

This week’s Lifestyle Choices music song is Blackout Shades

TVC65 S3 E16 – Willierm is the Worst

Hello, the listeners audience. You are in for a treat. A podcast treat full of wonders and delight.

This week’s episode is brought to you by The Humangelous Entertainment Hour of Programming, which is coincidentally the show that is being discussed.

Stay tuned for exciting revelations as well as the aforementioned wonders and delights.

This week’s music song by Lifestyle Choices is called “Gravity Day” and you can hear it on Soundcloud.

TVC64 S3 E15 – Transdimensional Something

Dear Listeners Audience,

in this fine episode Johnny is discussing the fine program known as Raiders of the Lost Ark. Holly talks to some friends on the phone on a really expensive call from the Universal Reverse Dimension. Johnny discusses Raiders of the Lost Ark. Nana Feisty is displeased by a turn of events. And Johnny discuss the Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Lifestyle Choices put the song These Dragons are Dead.

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This week’s episode is brought to you by Chzair with an X. The chair made of extra cheese. From Humangelous Universal Global Systems Furniture Division.

TVC63 S3 E14 – Zesty Rock

Hello the listeners and the audience.

This week Johnny learns about new developments in the Entertainment organization of Humangelous Universal Global Systems.

A guest stops by or manifests out of thin air. Or not.

Rick Zesty is having some issues.

Check out the song Flew by Lifestyle Choices. They are still the TV Copilot house band.

Johnny is a little bit sorry about the amount of yelling.

TVC62 S3 E13 – Back Together Again


This is an accidental episode of TV Copilot. Johnny started recording while under the influence of re-integrating his corporeal form. The show what gets reviewed is… Time something something.

Holly tries to keep things together while Johnny is at less than optimal levels of good at podcast.

There is an interview with a special guest and another special guest.

Please listen at the Lifestyle Choices playing a song named All the Way Down

TVC61 S3 E12 – Things are Heating Up

Hi, person who is reading this description. In this episode of the podcast, which may or may not be titled the “Humangelous Universal Global Systems Hour featuring the TV Copilot Players” or something like that.

Johnny and/or Holly watched BoJack Horseman. And there is definitely at least some discussion related to that.

Check out the song called “Hive Up” by TV Copilot house band Lifestyle Choices.

Special Promotional Consideration given to Lights And Magics Product With an X. From Humangelous Universal Global Systems.

TVC60 S3 E11 – Empire of the Pod People

On this week’s episode, Johnny is entertaining a few guests as well as the listening audience. Also, the show is called something different now, maybe. But not totally officially. Something something Humangelous Universal Global Systems something.

This week’s episode covers the big hit television show Empire. More or less.

Special mention to sponsoring product: Humangelous Essential Vitamins and Minerals. With an X

Check out the Lifestyle Choices hit tune at Thank We 4 It

Good night.

TVC59 S3 E10 – Every Body Needs HUGS

This episode of the show gives Parks and Recreation the full review-discussion treatment, as is the custom.

For better or worse, a representative of Humangelous Universal Global Systems sits in to help enforce some kind of standards for the show, being as how they are the only sponsor of the show as well as the preeminent cheese-based technological innovators of the known universe.

Check out the new hit single for house band Lifestyle Choices – Need U 2 Believe 1st

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“Every Body Needs HUGS, especially right NOW”