TVC58 S3 E9 – Sponsored with an X

On this week’s episode we welcome our new “official” sponsor – Humangelous Universal Global Systems.

Johnny, Holly the Demon Soul, and Rick Zesty are off in the woods doing some great podcasting as per usual.

The show that we talk about on the podcast is widely regarded as a television program – Man V. Food.

There are trials and not to mention tribulations, and Johnny learns an important lesson.

Check out the house band Lifestyle Choices new song “The God of Small Appliances” on Soundcloud.

Check out Nana Feisty’s hot sauce metal song “We Fell Into Shadows” also on Soundcloud.

TVC57 S3 E8 – Everythingsauce

Hello, the listener.

Johnny and Holly the Demon Soul have taken to a distant place in the deep dark forest far, far away from Nana’s cabin to record this week’s episode. There is a lot more singing from Johnny than anyone would be expecting. Also, the television program The Last Man on Earth is discussed in painstaking detail.

Expect to hear special guests as well as guests who may not be special.

Featuring music by Lifestyle Choices – “Arm Clothes” as well as a sample of “Gigantosaurus” by Buzzsaw Minotaur (ft. Nana Feisty)

TVC 56 S3 E7 – Where is Your Face

Johnny (and not Greg) are talking about Gilmore Girls this week. In great, painful detail.

Also, Willierm cleans up a bit.

Additionally, Rick has some suggestions for Johnny’s podcasting career.

Nana stole Morton’s watch. Speaking of Morton, he calls on the telephone.

Lifestyle Choices perform their new hit single “The Thicker Hair U Need

Nana sneaks in a mention of some musical venture she’s involved with.

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TVC55 S3 E6 – Whispering Willierm

Johnny and friends talk about The Rockford Files in great depth and with a tremendous amount of insight.

A new audio engineer, Willierm Smerth, joins the TV Copilot studio team and helps out with It’s Clips!

There’s an interview? Nana Feisty, Rick Zesty, and neighbor Morton also say words during the program.

Lifestyle Choices performs their new hit single The Only Fear We Have is Fear.

TVC54 S3 E5 – Getting Zesty with Rick

On this episode of TV Copilot Johnny is flying solo once again with the continued absence of co-host Greg. For better or worse, Johnny is flying solo with a partner: Nana Feisty’s friend Rick Zesty. Additionally, Johnny forgets something stupid he did in the previous episode and does something equally as stupid.

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TVC53 S3 E4 – Anomaly Disruption Fields

In this week’s episode our lovable gang gets into a tight situation! Also, a new or old familiar-sounding friend stops by! Problems with the neighbors! Not to mention Nana Feisty trying to make everyone listen to her new favorite band!

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TVC52 S3 E3 – Neighborhood Watch

Hi. This is a new episode of TV Copilot. It’s the 3rd one or something. Johnny and Greg (or not Greg but Nana) are talkin’ ’bout the Twin Peaks this week. There are some new strange noises to deal with. Also a “surprise” interview guest. Also, many interruptions. Good times abound.

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TVC51 S3 E2 – Making Cookies

In this episode Johnny and Greg review the lovely Food Network show Barefoot Contessa. The show stays mostly on track, in what can only be taken as a hopeful omen of things to come. Nana walks a thin line between meddlesome and helpful. Special guests? Who can tell. Also, Johnny and Greg walk you through making a special cookie recipe they found online.

The house band Lifestyle Choices performs their song “Radia“. Follow Lifestyle Choices @LCMusics